This year's most baked cookie – Florentines
December 24th, 2015

How’s the cookie situation in your house, this very Christmas-y morning? Are cookies and gingerbreads still piling up high on decorative plates? Or have certain types of cookies already vanished into belly nirvana?


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Elderberry Jelly – Save the Best for Last
August 27th, 2015

Thanks to our dear friends Hande and Theo we discovered the beauty of Lake Neusiedl in Austria six or seven years ago. Ever since we made it a habit to annually meet there during late summer, to indulge in the world’s best tomatoes, some fab wine and seriously good food


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Spiced-up sauteed Paneer - On Loving & Dreading
May 29th, 2015

Isn’t it funny how the same thing that made you dread one subject can make you love another? When I think about my time at the university – I studied law – what I had hated most was the fact that law seemed so inexhaustible, like I’d never be able to conquer the complete discipline, knowing and understanding it all. Many years later, the sight of ever-changing loose leaf law collections like Schönfelder still gives me a feeling of reluctance and creeps. But what does that have to do with cooking and baking? 


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Schlutzkrapfen with Porcini, Browned Butter and Walnuts
March 17th, 2015

RECIPE OVERLOAD. That would be an apt description of what’s going on in my Evernote “to cook” folder. The dilemma: I can never just visit the virtual kitchens (aka blogs) of fellow food blogging friends, inevitably one or two tempting recipes get added to my Evernote folder each every time I’m out there. And I’m fairly certain I will never get around to cooking or baking them all. Sadly so.


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